About Al Safy Group

Our Trusted Excellence in Global Business

Al Safy Group is a family owned conglomerate based in Cairo, Egypt. in 1985 Alsafy was founded with a clear vision towards becoming Egypt’s leader in distribution, trading, consumer electronics, retail, food & beverage, telecommunications, logistics, oil & gas and real-estate development. Since its establishment, the group has gradually refined its holdings and expanded its geographic presence.

Today, Al Safy Group operates one of the strongest distribution network infrastructures and holds partnerships with dozens of world-leading brands and organizations.
Al Safy Group operates numerous lines of business. The group’s various lines of businesses are managed through the Cairo-based headquarters a long with its subsidiary companies operating globally in 4 different counties.  We consistently seek with a winning spirit new challenges and new industries to complete our business puzzle.
The Group principles are derived from family traditions, emphasizing business ethics and superior products. We take the initiative to set the example to the communities we serve and live in by strictly implementing family principles in our daily operations. Al Safy group companies together employ over +4000 people. The flawless reputation that Al Safy Group has built for reliability, financial integrity, dependability and product delivery is truthfully enviable. Our unique balance between the cooperate scheme and the familyoriented spirit multitudes determined, reliable and responsible staff that drives and maintains the group’s sustainability.

Al Safy Mission

Al Safy Group has a vast customer base ranging from individual consumers to large corporations to government owned entities.
Our mission is to:

  • Provide our clients with exclusive means of access to an elite
    range of products and services.
  • Create an administrative culture that maximizes the Human
    Resources potential
  • Maintain our market leadership in all our lines of business

Al Safy Vision

To create a truly diverse value chain business model while maintaining our market leadership in a rapidly changing consumer environment.

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