A leading industrial food supplier creating to the ever-growing demand within the food industry in Egypt on a business and consumer level.


Al Safy Foods was established in 2007 catering to both businesses and consumers with its offering.

Al Safy Foods has grown to become one of the leading providers of food and beverage ingredients, food processing machinery and catering services in Egypt; providing ingredients for Western and Eastern pastries, bakeries, confectionary products, dairy delicacies.  On a business level, its international partners in the field of desserts include prominent names such as Callebaut, Cacao Barry, Dawn and Corsiglia.

Al Safy partnered with Life Snacks, presenting premium quality snacks with authentic homemade taste; Scrunch is the first product that quickly met its consumers’ taste becoming a popular product for an all-day healthy snack to boost one’s energy.

Complementing its range and offering, Al Safy Foods and Life Snacks also presented the Celeste brand to the market, a premium savory brand of sables and biscuits filled with Belgian chocolates, dark chocolate and jam fillings.