A leading distributor of international tech brands, bringing international brands closer to the local community.



Al Safy Tech was established in 1999 with a vision to lead the technology market with its dynamic portfolio, through distribution of a wide range of international brands within the technology sector.

In 2004, Al Safy Tech became a leading distributor of Orange; Egypt’s recognized network operator, integrating its wide range of services as a network provider.

In 2014, the group became a sole distributor for Xiaomi, the leading brand of consumer electronics and smart manufacturing.

In 2018, Al Safy Tech became an accredited and trusted distributor for Samsung electronics across Egypt, offering a varied line of Samsung products as well as an exclusive Samsung line. They joined forces to serve the Egyptian nation through the initiative by Ministry of Education for offering the Samsung’s educational tablets to students across the country, aiming to enhance the educational standards in Egypt.

Adding to its portfolio, Al Safy Tech also became an exclusive distributor of Amazfit in 2021, providing the Egyptian market with a wide range of smart wearables.