As years go by, my thoughts move back to the days when AlSafy was born. Founded in 1986, AlSafy has been able to establish an impressive legacy with its partners, vendors, and clients that is built purely on a solid foundation of our family’s genuine principles.
In those early days, our main mission was to plant a legacy and be remembered on what we have accomplished. Over the years, AlSafy has successfully paved its way towards success day by day; bringing value to every industry we take part of. This achievement was only possible with the contribution, dedication, and determination of our teams.Over the years, we have gained experience to adapt to the demanding market needs and diversified our investments into various market sectors. Today, over a third of a century later, we have grown into a prime corporate group with a large network of subsidiaries under our umbrella—where each company works towards one prime objective: leading its market.
I take this opportunity to thank each and every dedicated member of AlSafy family for all their sincere efforts in making AlSafy Group one of the largest market leaders in our region.
I would like to also thank our clients, partners, and vendors for their candid trust in us and for contributing to our growth and prosperity. We couldn’t have made it possible without their contributions.
As our group ages, we will always pursue growth. We will always strive for new opportunities. We will continue to welcome and tackle bigger challenges, objectives and targets for the years to come—continuously aspiring for excellence in quality and customer satisfaction.