We Are

A family-owned conglomerate with a national vision.

Founded in 1985, Al Safy Group is a family-owned conglomerate with a diversified investment portfolio, headquartered in Egypt. The group has served as a key contributor to the Egyptian economy across multiple sectors.  Setting its footprint with operations in a wide range of industries in multiple territories, the group pursues new opportunities, partnerships, and relations to influences the market in the differentiated industries that its businesses operate, contributing to the Egyptian economy across multiple sectors.

From a generation of founders alongside a second generation filled with new thinking and innovation, combining its ideas to evolve with the business model, Al Safy Group relies on continuity and adaptability to latest market trends as the crucial differentiator.  The narrative behind the group is a testament to the importance of a family unit of principles, longstanding relationships, and evolution within its business model.

Our Story

37+ years in the market


The establishment of Al Safy Group.


Al Safy group expands its line of business within the field of real estate aiming to bring people together in a socially & economically sustainable society.


Launch of Al Safy Tech: the birth of its distribution of mobile phone brands with a vision to lead the technology market with its dynamic portfolio of international alliances.


Al Safy Group successfully commits to being a certified distributor of Orange (formerly Mobinil) across Egypt, paving the way for the group today to operate more than 120 Orange stores nationwide.


Al Safy Group commenced distributing LG in Egypt, to further differentiate and reinforce its Tech field.


The group expanded substantially its operations in the UAE through the distribution of mobile phone brands.


The group emphasized on the food industry by establishing “Al Safy Foods” in 2007, and additionally extended its presence in the F&B sector through the distribution of premium ingredients and equipment to the HORECA market (locally, regionally and internationally) to transform the industry and offer consumers’ with best-of-quality in bakeries, confectionaries and dairy products.


Al Safy Group started distributing Apple products in Egypt, paving the path for successfully becoming an authorized Apple reseller.


The group strengthened its tech presence and became the sole exclusive distributor of the Chinese brand “Xiaomi” in the Egyptian market. Al Safy Group now has +70 stores of Mi Home, distributing the full Xiaomi portfolio including mobile phones, electronics, appliances, and home security systems.


Al Safy Group continues focusing on the food industry through distribution of more premium F&B ingredients and equipment by further partnering with prominent international food names to revolutionize the industry and F&B scene in Egypt.


“Switch Plus” was established in 2016 and now became one of Egypt’s prominent and authorised Apple premium reseller, with 16 retail stores across the country.


Al Safy Group commences distribution of Samsung electronics in Egypt, bringing more products to the Egyptian market and exclusively distributing Samsung’s M-line through Egyptian retailers and Samsung stores.


Further revolutionizing the food scene in Egypt and catering to uprising consumers demands, Al Safy partnered with Lifesnacks to introduce premium quality brands in the Egyptian market. Celeste, the premium sable with Belgian chocolate and jam fillings was introduced as well as Scrunch to offer healthy snack options with nuts and chocolate for the diet-conscious Egyptians.


Al Safy Group collaborated with Ministry of Education in exclusively supplying the Samsung educational tablets aiming to enhance the educational standards in Egypt.


Mobilaty brand, a multi-brand store was introduced to the market, with online presence and 20 stores, offering brands for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, accessories, gaming, IoT equipment and smart home technologies.


Opening of 4 Samsung retail stores within Al Safy Retail.


Al Safy Group introduced Amazfit through the brand’s distribution and online platform to provide Egyptians with more wearable tech.


The beginning of Al Safy Electric field with the establishment of “Lighthouse” to offer premium lighting and electric solutions including modern, traditional, decorative, landscape and contemporary lighting through its brands Speed, Rays and Spark, bringing an unparalleled selection of modern design for retail consumers and trade professionals.


Al Safy group further expands in the world of retail through introduction of innovative F&B concepts introducing Wunder, a prominent, innovative chocolatier store in Park Street, Sheikh Zayed City and The Grocer, New Cairo.

Our Purpose

Hand in hand with our values, our mission is to craft possibilities, continue catering to our customers, community and the entire Egyptian economy with utmost care, reliability, and commitment to providing the best value. With a constant approach of serving our national economy, we will continue to work towards adhering to the uprising customer daily demands while crafting an appealing culture that boosts human capital and promising return on investment.

Our Values

These core values represent the groundwork that has sustained us. Our values lead our vision, empower our determination to progress, and permit us to craft our enduring legacy.

We promote a family vision with a culture that adheres to teamwork, professionalism, and family values in everything we do.